Raised Skirt In Public – Social Experiment by Smooth Pranks


by Paprika, BP EDITORIAL

July 8, 2016, 3:30 pm UTC

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A social experiment filmed by Smooth Pranks to see how many people would tell a girl she has her skirt raised and tucked into her underwear in public.

The girl in this video, Angel, was going around with her skirt raised and she showed how many people actually told her about it and how other reacted.

As you can tell from the video many people were very impolite and did not say anything to the girl. Instead they took pictures of her booty and lied when she asked if they were looking at her skirt.
Raised Skirt in Public Smooth PranksRaised Skirt in Public Smooth PranksThose guys who took pictures with their phones pretended not to see anything. When she approached the guy at the bar after fixing her skirt he said he wanted to tell her… but guess what? He was not the one who did it, instead he took a bunch of pictures and said he wasn’t watching! What a liar!

Some other were very nice and told the girl to fix her dress as her skirt was raised.

Raised Skirt in Public Social ExperimentThe last guy in this social experiment was very nice. He hugged and comforted Angel after she cried because very embarrassed.
Raised Skirt in Public Social Experiment‘If you saw a girl with her skirt tucked into her underwear, would you tell her to help her from being embarrassed or not? If confronted, would you tell the truth or lie?’, is what Smooth Pranks wanted to show in this incredible social experiment.

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