‘Binions’: Mysterious prankster transformed bins around town into Minions!

by Jello Mellow, BP EDITORIAL

September 17, 2015, 2:11 pm UTC

An anonymous prankster has transformed 10 bins into ‘Binions’! The funny bins look exactly like the Despicable Me characters.

Bins transformed in Minions Via: sussexexpress.co.uk

Peacehaven, East Sussex, 10 bins appeared overnight painted in yellow and blue to look like the famous and much-loved Minions!
They have also been decorated with the characters signature goggle eyes, funny face expressions and blue dungarees.

Bins-painted-like-Minions Via: express.co.uk

People have no idea were the mysterious ‘Binions’ come from.

No one knows who is the creator of this prank. The colourful bins have been spotted in different places around town like bus stops, outside shops and next to park benches.
Citizens have been looking around the whole town trying to found all ten.

Minion bins

Everyone seems to like the idea of having Minions as litter bins.

‘These bins have certainly drawn attention and brought comments and smiles from people passing by. Anything that encourages people to use the litter bins provided is a good thing as we want to keep the district clean and tidy for all to enjoy.’ said a spokesperson from Lewes District Council, as reported the Mail Online.

Minion bins-Binions Via: sussexexpress.co.uk

We love the ‘Binions’ too! Wish there were Minions bins in every city.

What do you think about this ‘Binions’ prank? Do you know who created them?
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