Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans as the Terminator for charity

by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

September 14, 2015, 9:30 am UTC

Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans as the Terminator at the Madame Toussaud Wax Museum in Hollywood to support the After-School All-Star charity.


The great Arnie is not just an amazing movie star, he is also a great inspirational man who loves to give back and help the others.

In this occasion he teamed up with Omaze to fundraise the After-School All-Star charity in a campaign called ‘Blow Sh*t Up with Arnold’.

The former Governor has always supported many charities and foundations. One of these is the aforementioned ‘After-School All-Stars’, which provides comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and in life.

What are Arnold’s thoughts about the Terminator Prank for charity…

Writing about the prank on Reddit, Arnold said that this is not a vanity project for him but it is something very close to his heart:

“I know the power of after-school programs in kids’ lives and that’s why I started After-School All-Stars more than 25 years ago”, he said.

“Last year I learned that the more fun I have promoting after-school all-stars, the more fun you have watching and the more you get engaged. So it’s my Trojan horse – I do ridiculous things and have a great time, but I get you to pay attention to something really close to my heart”, wrote Arnold.

He added: “Our biggest responsibility is to our kids but they are unquestionably the most underrepresented in our capitols so we end up spending lots of our money on the adults, on the present and the past, and not on our kids, the future. That’s why I fly to Washington every time they talk about cutting the after-school funding to make sure they don’t screw over the kids.”

We could not agree more with what Arnold said and we truly appreciate people like him who are able to help and motivate people!

To watch the part when Arnold took over one of the Hollywood bus tour during the realization of the prank watch this video on YouTube. He gave such an inspirational speech!

To read more about it check Arnold’s post on Reddit about the Terminator prank for charity.