Walking on water Prank by Magic of Rahat


by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

August 24, 2015, 9:00 am UTC

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The amazing ‘Walking on water’ Prank created by Magic of Rahat.

Magic of Rahat pulled an incredible prank in the park. He was pretending to look at is phone and not noticing where he was going when he suddenly ended up WALKING ON WATER…!

It is such a good and hilarious prank! And people’s reaction is also just so funny!
Walking on water Prank by Magic of Rahat

People were truly amazed to see Rahat walking on water

Woozy, the guy from the 70’s, he is the real star in this prank though! He was so surprised and confused!

“The last man I saw walking on water was Jesus,” he said, “and you are not Jesus!”
Walking on water Prank LMFAO! He even called his Mama! LOL! Cant’ stop laughing!
Walking on water MagicofRahatMagic of Rahat prank

What sort of magic trick did he used to walk on water?

Do you have any idea of how Rahat did it?? Or do you think thatss magic at all? LOL

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