Top Five April fool’s Prank Ideas by Kipkay


by BestPranksHead, BP EDITORIAL

August 28, 2015, 4:00 pm UTC

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A compilation of ‘Top Five April fool’s Prank’ ideas created by Kipkay.

In these series of top five April fool’s prank idea realized by Kipkay we found some funny and hilarious prank ideas to play on our friends! They are so easy to do! Just what we needed for April Fool’s Day!

Those cookies were probably disgusting for the victims but if you are the one who is preparing the prank you will really enjoy the best part of them.

Top Five April fool’s Prank Ideas by Kipkay

And what about the toilet brush? Ech! So disgusting! It will drive your friend or roommate mad!
Top Five April fool’s Prank Ideas

The number five is probably our favorite. The puke smell will last for days in the car! LOL
Prank Ideas by Kipkay

Which one of these pranks are you going to try on the next April Fool’s Day?

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