Sex Tape Prank on Girlfriend by MysticGotJokes


by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

September 10, 2015, 2:00 pm UTC

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What to say about this funny and crazy ‘Sex Tape Prank’ created by MysticGotJokes.

The hilarious MysticGotJokes prankster told his girlfriend he wanted to make a “sex tape”. She said no! So he decided to pull a funny prank on her…

He set up a camera and without saying anything he then recorded the all scene. Well, let’s say he just pretended to.

He has really turned the camera on only after having sex and when his girlfriend came out of the bathroom he told her about this “sex tape”.

“We can sell it.. Make money” he said…

Sex Tape Prank

But how did his girlfriend really reacted when MysticGotJokes told her about the sex tape?

Sex Tape Prank on Girlfriend


MysticGotJokes ‘s girlfriend was so furious that he eventually told her it was just a prank and there was no sex tape going on!

In the end his girlfriend didn’t really enjoyed the Sex Tape Prank that much! Look at her facial expression… LOL

Sex Tape Prank on Girlfriend by MysticGotJokes

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