Naked Yoga Class Prank! Challenge by The Dudesons


by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

August 30, 2015, 10:00 pm UTC

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The funny ‘Getting Naked in Yoga Class Prank’ Challenge by the Dudesons.

Jukka from team Dudesons and Robert from team Betsafe went to a Yoga class with the intent to getnaked during the session.

They made a bet: the one who takes all his clothes off wins!

Naked Yoga Class Prank Challenge by The Dudesons

They entered the class and slowly started to remove their clothes: first the t-shirt, then the trouser and last the underwear, in Jukka’s case a tongue…LOL
Naked Yoga Class Prank

And the winner of the Naked Yoga Challenge is…

Naked Yoga Class Prank Challenge

Robert only took his t-shirt off so Jukka won the challenge 3-1.

Naked Yoga Class Challenge by The Dudesons

How did people reacted at this crazy naked prank during the Yoga class?

Naked Yoga Class Prank Challenge The Dudesons

People were laughing so much as they saw the two getting naked. But no one stopped them. It was so hilarious.

We LOVE to see these challenges!

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