I slept with your boyfriend Prank by Whatever


by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

August 25, 2015, 10:01 am UTC

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The hilarious ‘I slept with your boyfriend’ Prank created by YouTube channel Whatever.

You are walking down the street when you suddenly meet a really nice girl that tells you:

“I have been sleeping with your boyfriend!”

How would you react to that?

Andrea, the girl in this funny prank that was realized by the YouTube channel Whatever, was telling to random girls on the street that she slept with their boyfriends.

How did girls react to someone telling them: ‘I slept with your boyfriend’

The girls had very different reactions. Many of them had no boyfriend and others just didn’t believe to Andrea but the one Andrea met at the beginning of the video actually believed to the whole story! Poor girl! She was nearly having a heart attack! LOL

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