“A House Full of Plastic Balls” by prankster Roman Atwood


by Jello Mellow, BP EDITORIAL

September 1, 2015, 8:00 am UTC

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The ‘Crazy Plastic Ball Prank’ created by the amazing prankster Roman Atwood.

Another incredible prank from the genius of Roman Atwood! How amazing would it be to come back home and found that your house has been filled with thousands of coloured plastic balls!? It is like a kids dream come true!

A truck full of plastic balls arrived at the house…

House Full of Plastic Balls Prank by Roman Atwood Then they filled up the house with the colorful play balls!
Plastic Balls Prank by Roman Atwood You can see that not only kids liked it but everyone had so much fun in the making of this extremely funny prank!
House Full of Plastic Balls Prank

Plastic Balls Prank

The reaction of Roman girlfriend when she found the house full of plastic balls was very cool…

Plastic Balls Prank-Roman Atwood She was welcomed by thousand of plastic ball as she opened the door!
House Full of Plastic Balls Prank - Roman AtwoodHouse Full of Plastic Balls Roman Atwood

How did they manage to remove them all? Maybe they kept them forever! That would be cool! We would have loved to be there too! Such a great prank!

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