Happy Ending Massage Prank by FouseyTUBE


by Raging Bull, BP EDITORIAL

July 21, 2016, 11:11 pm UTC

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FouseyTUBE took is friend Alex to have a massage with a special surprise!

Fousey invited his friend Alex to a new massage place he found. As Alex really loves getting them he wanted him to try it. Little did he know that it was all set up by Fousey and he was about to have a not so relaxing massage, probably the worst he has ever had..LOL

Fousey’s friend was soon impressed about the massage before it even begun…

The beautiful girl who was going to give Alex a massage took her robe off in front of him and started to rub him…
happy ending massage prankAfter a few minutes Fousey and a big shirtless guy silently walked into the room. The girl stepped away and the big guy replaced her proceeding with the massage.

Under Fousey’s suggestions the guy hit and slapped Alex on his butt very hard… “It’s a little too hard”, Alex said. He was literally shocked and confused while the man was still stroking him hard.
happy ending massage prank

And now the best part of the massage…the ‘Happy Ending’

The sexy girl told Alex that she was going to give him an ‘Happy Ending’, even though he didn’t want it.
By happy ending he certainly didn’t expect a big shirtless guy jumping on him… Yeah, this is literally what happened.
happy ending massage prank FouseyTUBEFouseyTUBE could not hold back the laughter anymore and he burst out laughing. At this point Alex realized that was not a real massage and that Fousey had pranked him again!
happy ending massage prank FouseyTUBE‘I knew it!’, said Alex. “You said you’d never prank me’, he added. But after all Fousey is well known for his funny pranks so you never know when he is going to get you!
Such a great and hilarious video! We can’t stop laughing!

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