Face Tattoo Prank by Pranksters in Love


by Jello Mellow, BP EDITORIAL

July 14, 2016, 10:25 am UTC

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While John was sleeping, Nikki from Pranksters in Love pulled a prank on him… the results?
John woke up with a Face Tattoo!

Nikki pulled another amazingly funny prank on the poor John while he was trying to get some sleep.

As their beautiful daughter Iris is teething, Pranksters in Love are not sleeping much lately explained Nikki. When John decided to get some extra sleep she thought to pull a prank on him and draw a Jagua funny tattoo on his face.
Face Tattoo Prank by Pranksters in Love
Jagua is apparently very similar to henna, but unfortunately for John, it last longer and it’s much darker.

John’s face tattoo is going to last a lot on his face…

After preparing the Jagua mixture Nikki draw the craziest things on John’s face…

Face Tattoo Preparation Prank

She even gave him a very sexy unibrow…LOL

Face Tattoo Prank

Luckily he didn’t wake up while she was drawing her masterpiece. Instead, when he rolled over she went back in the bedroom and added some more details to the tattoo.

John was so mad at this face tattoo prank!

The expression’s on his face when he looked at himself in the mirror is priceless.
Pranksters in Love

He was truly upset. John thought he looked very stupid with that crazy tattoo on his face. When Nikki told him that Jagua last up to twelve days on the skin he got even angrier.

Face Tattoo Prank Pranksters in Love

Nikki loved to make this prank and we are loving watching it over and over. However… we are quite sure John will seek revenge and it will probably be something big. Can’t wait for it to come and watch the video!

Apparently the next day the tattoo got much darker. John didn’t even want to go out. Even Iris thought he looked a bit strange.

Face Tattoo

Such a great prank, Nikki. Keep ‘em coming! 👍

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