Drowning Baby Prank by Whatever


by Raging Bull, BP EDITORIAL

September 1, 2015, 2:03 pm UTC

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The crazy ‘Drowning Baby’ Prank created by YouTube channel Whatever.

This is a very funny prank and the baby falling in the water scene looked so realistic!

Brian, from YouTube channel Whatever in collaboration with Dennis Roady went to the pier with a stroller and a fake baby in it. They were asking people if they could take a picture of them with the ‘baby’!
Drowning Baby Prank by Whatever

Suddenly the stroller falls into the water and the baby drowns…

Drowning Baby Prank The view of that pushchair falling down was very scary for the passers-by taking the picture. They were so worried and someone nearly jumped into the water to save the infant!
Drowning Baby In the end everybody laughed and smiled when they looked down and saw the stroller was attached to a rope and the baby was actually just a doll!
Whatever Pranks

Would you have jumped into the water to save the drowning baby?

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