Disabled Car Park Post-It Prank in Brazil

by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

September 17, 2015, 9:05 am UTC

Never park in a disabled car park if you do not want to end up with your car covered in post-it like in this Brazilian prank.

Brazilian pranksters from Canal Boom have prepared a very hilarious surprise for the owner of this car illegally parked in a disabled parking space.

The car was covered with blue post-it to make a giant disabled parking sign.

Post-it Disable Car Park Prank in Brazil by Canal Boom Image Source: YouTube

When the man returned to his car he found it entirely covered in blue post-it notes and created a wheelchair sign with white ones.

People around who watched he entire scene were cheering the act and mocking the driver. Recording everything with their phones obviously.

He was clearly irritated and desperately tried to rip all the post- it off, making the onlookers laugh and deriding him even more for his inconsiderate gaffe.

Eventually the driver managed to clear the car’s windscreen from some of the sticky notes and pull out furiously into the road.

In his rush he nearly crashed with another car though and apparently he was also given a ticket while the viewers where still laughing at him.

That’s what you get in return if you decide to leave you car in a disabled parking space!