Blowing girls clothes off prank by Roman Atwood


by Paprika, BP EDITORIAL

August 22, 2015, 5:04 pm UTC

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The hilarious ‘Blowing girls clothes off prank created by the amazing Roman Atwood.

Roman Atwood pulled a super funny and surprising prank on people on the street with the help of two very sexy girls…

Blowing girls clothes off with the power of his sneeze!

Blowing girls clothes off prank by Roman Atwood LOL Such a great idea! People were really surprised and could not believe that sneezing could be so powerful!

The two girls were asking passers-by to take a picture of them when Roman Atwood walked next and sneezed! BANG their clothes were off!
Blowing girls clothes off Someone thought he was a magician, but he was actually blaming the person taking the photos! LOL

Everyone was so stunned to see the girl’s clothes blowing away..

They clearly appreciated the view though! Just listen to some of the comments…so hilarious!!!

Nice one Roman! 👍

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