Baby Poop Prank on Dad by Pranksters in Love


by Jello Mellow, BP EDITORIAL

September 12, 2015, 8:00 am UTC

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Here we are with this amazing & hilarious ‘Baby Poop Prank’ created by Pranksters in Love.

New mommy Nikki from Pranksters in Love found the perfect occasion to prank her dad who went to visit her family! She eventually pulled an extremely hilarious prank on him.

Nikki told her dad she was making a video about babies related topics and she also told him bunch of stuff about moms baby and baby poop!

Baby Poop Prank

What did she do with the baby poo?

In the middle of the fake talk show she set up, Nikki pulled out a diaper full of ‘baby poop’ and started to lick it right out in front of her shocked and disgusted poor dad!


Eating Baby Poop Prank

Nikki’s dad was so disgusted watching her daughter eating the whole baby poop..

“Your mom is a sick woman!” told to his granddaughter.

Have you seen the expression on the poor man’s face?? So hilarious! LOL

Baby Poop Prank on Dad

He was truly shocked…GrgGrgGrrrrRRRrgrRrr What would you do in that situation??

The baby poop was made of peanut sauce though; such a great idea! it was so realistic.

Finally we can just say: Thumbs up for Nikki from “Prankster in Love”!! 👍 💩

Baby Poop Prank - Pranksters In Love

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