April Fools Prank – Mom I have a baby by VitalyzdTv


by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

August 26, 2015, 12:00 pm UTC

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The hilarious ‘Mom I have a baby’ Prank created by VitalyzdTv.

Vitalyzd always pranks his mom on April Fool’s Day and this time made her believe that he had a baby!

Vitalyzd invited a friend with a lovely baby girl to play the part of his baby

April Fools Prank - Mom I have a baby by VitalyzdTv The woman was very suspicious and thought he was joking but then he showed her the DNA paper and she believed him!

She went mad though and yelled at him!

April Fools Prank - Mom I have a babyAnd when he told her that it was a prank she was even more furious!
April Fools Prank

Vitalyzd mom always get pranked by her son!

VitalyzdTv Pranks It must not be easy to be Vitalyzd mom, as she never knows when he is serious or not. He is driving her crazy with all his pranks! LOL But they are always very funny!

Would you ever do it to your mom?

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