The scary “Devil baby in a stroller” attacks New York!


by Diabolik, BP EDITORIAL

September 13, 2015, 10:11 am UTC

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The original and famous scary ‘Devil Baby Attack’ prank that terrified New York.

If you found an abandoned stroller with a baby crying in it you’d obviously approach it to check. But it can happen that it’s a prank! A really scary one!
A devil baby in a remote controlled stroller goes through the streets of New York City terrifying all the passers-by. They were lured to the stroller by the sound of a crying baby that suddenly sits up and attack the innocent victim while emitting a devilish and infernal sound.

The Tinkmodo team created the ‘devil baby attack’ prank as part of a promotion for a horror movie.

The devil baby is also able to vomits and make vulgar hand gestures.
The video producers made the remote-controlled stroller with the terrifying animatronic baby to promote the horror movie ‘Devil’s Due’ as stated on the Yahoo Movies website article.

Be careful if you ever come across an abandoned baby stroller! This creepy baby definitely scared the hell out of everyone!

See what all this devil baby action is all about and check out the film trailer below.

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