Fruity Booty At The Barbershop by Gags Network


by Paprika, BP EDITORIAL

August 21, 2015, 4:13 pm UTC

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The funny ‘Fruity Booty At The Barbershop’ prank created by Gags Network.

All those guys at the barbershop really enjoyed the view. They went for a hair cut and got a special surprise! The lovely girl showed them an unexpected fruity painting on a very unusual canvas.. her buttocks!

A truly fruity booty!

Fruity Booty At The Barbershop by Gags Network And it looks like she is naked and not wearing any underwear… The girl lifted her skirt living the customers in the shop astonished and open-mouthed, while the painter continued to finish his masterpiece on her pretty booty.
Fruity Booty At The Barbershop

The barber was trying to make them look away from the booty!

Surprised face ass It is very hilarious to see the barber trying to turn their head to the other side! LOL But how can you look away when the view is so hot and inviting!
Gags Network Pranks We can’t blame them, Gags Network!

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