Farting in The Hood Prank by Roman Atwood


by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

September 2, 2015, 10:00 am UTC

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The hilarious ‘Farting in The Hood’ Prank created by Roman Atwood.

Everyone loves a good farting prank… or maybe not! Anyway farts pranks are always crazy and very funny but is given that no one likes farts in public and when you are farting too close to someone, or better say in their faces, is even worst!

How do people in the hood reacted to this farting prank?

Roman Atwood, with the help of Jack Vale, and Dennis Roady, went to the hood to pull a farting prank on people in the street! Everybody hate it and get so mad! They had the best hilarious reactions though! The victims were so annoyed and irritated! They nearly got someone to punch them all! LOL

What did Roman used to make this farting prank?

To reproduce the same sound of a true fart they used ‘the pooter’, a farting toy that sounds exactly like the real thing! Very funny!
Farting in The Hood Prank by Roman Atwood

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