Poop on Lamborghini Prank gone wrong by Viral Brothers


by Raging Bull, BP EDITORIAL

August 25, 2015, 11:00 am UTC

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The insane ‘Poop on Lamborghini’ Prank created by Viral Brothers.

This crazy Viral Brothers’ prank went terribly wrong! The duo decided to prank a man with a Lamborghini because he cut their street off and was rude to them!

Placing a fake poop on a Lamborghini was not a good idea…

That fake poop probably looked too real and made the man go nuts!
Poop on Lamborghini Prank gone wrong by Viral Brothers
Or maybe he just didn’t want anyone touch his precious car. They certainly didn’t expect him to overreact that way!

The man’s reaction when he saw the poop on his Lamborghini was extreme…

Once the Lamborghini owner saw the prankster next to said car holding a toilet paper roll, he pulled out a Taser and shot him!
Poop on Lamborghini Prank by Viral Brothers
Poop on Lamborghini Prank The guy felt to the ground after being shocked but luckily was not severely hurt.
Prank gone wrong
Prank by Viral Brothers As you can see, the angry man didn’t found the Viral Brother’s prank funny at all!

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