Killer Clown 5 Apotheosis – Scare Prank by DM Pranks


by Diabolik, BP EDITORIAL

September 16, 2015, 12:00 pm UTC

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The fifth Killer Clown Scare Prank episode by DM Pranks is, as the title suggests, the Apotheosis of the Clown’s terrifying pranks and the most impressive one yet.

DM Pranks are back with the ultimate scare prank, the terrifying fifth episode of the Killer Clown Scare Prank series: the Apotheosis.

“To shoot this video it took 25 days of shooting/editing and about 3 months of work in total”, they said in a note.

This time more then one creepy clown joined Killer Clown’s disturbing crew for an even more blood-curdling effect on the poor victims of this prank.

The crazy Italian duet realized the most extraordinary Killer Clown prank and introduced a new creepy clown!

The first two victims, an unfortunate couple, had the most horrifying and spine-chilling encounter with the clowns then anyone has ever had before.

In the first scene they enter the sinister car park and found the elevator isn’t working. A sign on it reads ‘use the stairs’ so the two are led down a dark corridor. They open the door and find out something macabre is happening.
Killer Clown 5 Apotheosis - Scare Prank by DM Pranks A mysterious and creepy clown is sitting there and what looks like a man is lying on the floor surrounded by candles all around his body.
Killer Clown 5 Apotheosis Scare PrankKiller Clown 5 Apotheosisy DM Pranks The two are petrified and suddenly the door shuts behind them; they are locked inside the hall while another clown approaches them from down the corridor dragging an axe on the floor.
Killer Clown 5 ApotheosisKiller Clown 5 Apotheosis by DM Pranks The couple is shocked: screaming, they try to open the door and run away before the killer clown can get them.

When they finally manage to open the door they found another creepy clown waiting for them. The girl tripped –Killer Clown tripped too- and rolled on the floor while trying to run for her life…with the clowns still chasing them.
Killer Clown Apotheosis DM Pranks We found it very hilarious but this is not what the unfortunate victims thought. In fact, because of this scene, two members of the DM Pranks crew got arrested for a month!

DM Pranks also wrote in the prank’s description on YouTube that they have been arrested twice and got sued while filming this amazing video.

Killer Clown Scare Pranks have never been so frightening! It’s like an horror movie coming to life.

In the following scene we see the clown playing with a body hanging from the ceiling while three guys enter the car park. The clown’s obviously scare the crap out of those boys while chasing them out of the parking lot.
Killer Clown 5 Apotheosis the Uncle The next victims witness the Uncle smashing a man’s head on the floor with the giant hammer splattering bloods everywhere.
Killer Clown 5 Apotheosis Scary PrankKiller Clown 5 Apotheosis Hammer The prank continues in an elevator where an unsuspecting man got the scare of his life. When the elevator door opened he found the petrifying clown butchering a body with a chainsaw.
Killer Clown 5 in the elevator The man is shocked and when finally the door closes he gets on another floor where the other creepy clown is waiting for him.

The new clown though, standing there with his camera, it’s so creepy and petrifying. God knows what he is up to.
New Killer Clown We love this new Clown look, specially the ballerina shoes LOL
Killer Clown 5 Apotheosis ShoesThe next scene take place at a gas station were the victims run away as soon as they see the clown approaching them.

What happens at the end of the Apotheosis prank it’s truly surprising!

We can see in the video Killer Clown is receiving a text from someone who wants to meet the three fools.
Killer Clown 5 Apotheosis Text Message The crazy creepy clowns jump on their colorful car and drive as fast as they can to the meeting point. Here they find a briefcase containing a bomb. They take it into the car and open it… BANG!!!!!!
…a massive explosion blows the clowns away!
Killer Clown 5 Apotheosis Final

Are the Killer Clowns dead?

We can see one of them opening his eyes at the end of the video but as DM Pranks stated, they will not reveal if the clown are dead or not. All we can do is waiting and hoping for them to come back.

“Usually once the video reach 20million views we schedule the next part, so share the video as much as you can if you prefer the clown to be alive”, is what DM Prank said.

Let’s hope to see more ‘Killer Clown Scare Pranks’ soon then.

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