“Do you want an ice cream?” Killer Clown 4 – The Massacre by DM Pranks


by Diabolik, BP EDITORIAL

August 27, 2015, 3:00 pm UTC

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The extremely terrifying ‘Killer Clown 4 – The Massacre’ Prank created by the amazing DM Pranks.

DM Pranks Production are back with Killer Clown and his creepy Uncle for the 4th episode of their terrifying adventures!

Armed with the clown’s famous giant hammer, chainsaw and fire extinguisher they were ready to terrorize unsuspecting victims with their tricky jokes in isolated and dark places.
Do you want an ice cream?’ Killer Clown 4 – The Massacre by DM Pranks

The Massacre begun…

Do you want an ice cream. Killer Clown 4 – The MassacreDo you want an ice cream?

The diabolic DM Pranks duo pulled off another great series of scare pranks on the victims who had the ‘fortune’ to witness them in what became a very disturbing night!

If you ever meet one of them and they ask you “Do you want an ice cream?”, well, you better say yes or they will run after you with their trademark evil laughter!
Clown 4 – The Massacre by DM Pranks Killer Clown 4 – The Massacre

We can’t wait to see what the DM Pranks duo will come up with for the next episode of Killer Clown!

Killer Clown 4 - DM Pranks

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