Blowing Up My Kid Prank by Roman Atwood


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July 28, 2016, 9:50 am UTC

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Roman Atwood prank Britt into thinking Kane has been blown up in a four wheeler accident!

Roman Atwood, with the help of his youngest son Kane, planned an extremely scary prank to play on Britt.
The prank starts with Roman explaining that they are pretending to look for a squad bike he wants to buy. What Britt doesn’t know is that the squad bike is fully remote controlled.

When Britt arrives Roman and Kane show her the quad bike and they tell her they really want to buy it.
Blowing Up My Kid Prank by Roman Atwood

As soon as Britt walks away Roman starts the prank…

After convincing her to buy the quad, she walks to the car to get the checkbook.
While Britt walks to the car, Roman tells Kane to hide so he can swap the boy for a mannequin that’s wearing the same helmet and clothes as Kane.
Blowing Up My Kid Prank by Roman AtwoodScreen Shot 2015-12-04 at 00.26.08 copy When Britt comes back she see what looks like Kane on the quad bike and Roman standing next to him. All of a sudden Kane turns on the four wheeler and take off on his own.

Roman and Britt try to run after him but the quad jumps over.
Blowing Up My Kid Prank by Roman Atwood Britt is shocked and starts crying. She tries to reach her son but Roman holds her back before the explosion.
Blowing Up My Kid Prank by Roman Atwood

‘Kane’ and the quad blow up…

Blowing Up My Kid Prank by Roman Atwood
She then get closer and realizes that it was not real. “It’s not funny, that’s not funny”, says Britt before kicking Roman.

“Don’t touch me, I’m done! I’m done, honey, I can’t do it,” adds Britt.
Then Kane runs to his terrified mother to give her a big hug.
Blowing up my kid prankDo you still love me, right?” asked Roman. He received only a medium finger from her! LOL

This prank is epic. One of Roman Atwood‘s best!

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