April Fool’s Cat Poop Prank by PrankvsPrank


by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

August 26, 2015, 1:00 pm UTC

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The hilarious ‘April Fool’s Cat Poop Prank’ created by PrankvsPrank.

If you have a pet and you are planning to play a prank on someone this cat inspired prank can help you!

We can’t stop laughing at the girl’s reaction!

On April fool’s Day, Jesse from PrankvsPrank made his girlfriend think that their cat ate something strange and then pooped it.
April Fool’s Cat Poop Prank by PrankvsPrank

What did Jesse do with the cat poop…

When the girl went to check if the cat was ok, he smashed a ‘poop’ covered spoon on her face! The fake poop and the poop-covered spoon were sprayed with an extremely stinking stuff so that it seemed true!
Cat poop prank
April Fool’s Cat Poop Prank

Very stinky cat poop..

Stinky cat poop Apparently that spray smells so bad that even the cat was shocked when he sniffed it. LOL

April Fool’s Prank

Have you seen the cat face at the end? So hilarious!

Prank by PrankvsPrank

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