Anniversary cheating prank backfires by Roman Atwood


by Raging Bull, BP EDITORIAL

September 2, 2015, 8:29 am UTC

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The hilarious ‘Anniversary cheating prank backfires’ created by Roman Atwood.

The famous prankster really failed at pranking his girlfriend this time!

This is what you get when instead of being romantic on your anniversary you decide to pull a really bad prank on your sweetheart!!!

Roman Atwood’s girlfriend, Britney, turned the tables and managed to prank him while he was trying to prank her!

This cheating prank backfired on Roman really really well though.

Well done girl! She got him so good!

When Roman Atwood, told Brit he cheated on her she knew it was a prank, as she saw the hidden camera, and reversed the game!

Never prank your girlfriend on your anniversary…

“I cheated on you too” she said. We thought she was for real, as did Roman! His reaction’s was priceless and so hilarious!

She thought he was going to propose, but his intentions were totally different! At least his plot backfired on him! ROTFL

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