Paris Hilton Terrifying Plane Crush Prank by TV show Ramez in Control

by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

September 18, 2015, 9:32 am UTC

The Egyptian TV Show Ramez in Control pulled a terrifying plane crush prank on Paris Hilton who thought she was going to die.

Paris Hilton was at the opening of a new hotel in Dubai when she is invited to take a tour of the city on a small propeller aircraft, along with Ramez and some other people.
Paris Hilton Plane Crush Prank Soon after the plane take-off, the engine chokes and the alarm start sounding. Everyone starts to panic and Paris is asking ‘What’s happening?

She start screaming and crying as the presenter, Ramez Galal, who is sitting next to her, told Paris the plane is going to crash and they have to jump off.
Paris Hilton Plane Crush Suddenly someone opens the rear doors and people start jumping off the plane wearing parachutes.
Paris is panicking, she does not want to jump and looks very anxious.

Terrified Paris safely get off the plane

After the plane safely landed, Ramez reveal the prank to a shocked Paris who seems to be very upset.
Paris Hilton Plane Crush Prank Rumour has it that the Hilton was aware of the prank and that she has been paid a million dollar to take part to the stunt.

Paris said her worst fear is dying on a plane crush.
“It was terrifying; I’ve never been in a plane that was about to go down…I think they went a little too far with their prank. There are things that are funny but that was not funny at all,” the socialite revealed to TMZ in a video after the horrific prank.

Hilton, however allegedly stated she was unaware of the whole thing and she is planning to sue the TV Company for emotional distress.

Luckily nothing bad happened during the aerial stunt.

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Source Daily Mail Online