Channing Tatum Dances Undercover to Prank Fans at ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Screening


by Paprika, BP EDITORIAL

September 5, 2016, 10:00 am UTC

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Channing Tatum pranks some an unsuspecting fans at ‘Magic Mike XXL’ screening dancing in a strip show.

Channing Tatum Fans had a mind-blowing experience at the ‘Magic Mike XXL’ 3D screening. He pulled a prank on them dancing undercover on stage and surprising them with a strip show.

He got a complete transformation and looked unrecognizable playing the part of Scott, an old, gray-haired marketing executive interviewing the viewers before the 3D screening.
Channing Tatum Prank

During the ‘3D’ show of ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Channing Tatum revealed the prank to the fans

Before the movie started Channing went on stage still in disguise and told the fans to put the 3D glasses on. The fans where already pretty excited.
Channing Tatum PrankSuddenly the lights turned off and the music started. Some of the dancers Tatum rounded up for the show where hiding in the audience. They started to dance and went on stage continuing the stripping show.
Magic Mike XXL Screening Prank

This is when Channing started to dance and strip off his disguise…and the ‘magic’ happened

Tatum joined the boys on stage and started to dance.
Channing Tatum Dances Undercover to Prank Fans at ‘Magic Mike XXL’ ScreeningThe room was steaming; everyone was so thrilled and screamed at the sight of Channing dancing right in front them.
 ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Screening PrankNow, this how what 3D should be all time…the movie star stripping off and dancing on you.
That’s right, since Tatum danced and twerked on the lap of a very lucky woman -so jealous- before revealing himself…LOL
Channing Tatum dances undercover“Well Channing Tatum has twerked on my lap, so in that sense, I have pretty much reached peak life”, she said after.

At the end of the performance he also threw red roses on them! Those people were so lucky and their reaction was hilarious.
 ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Channing Tatum PrankFor this prank the actor teamed up with Omaze in order to raise money for the
Runa Foundation.

“That was fun, but I promise it wasn’t as fun as what we’re going to experience at the premiere of Magic Mike XXL”, said Channing at the end of the video.

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