Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans in Hollywood as “The Terminator”


by Spranks, BP EDITORIAL

September 13, 2015, 8:16 am UTC

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To promote his latest movie Terminator Genisys, for charity, our superhero Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled an hilarious prank on unsuspecting tourist and fans in Hollywood.

The legend Arnold Scharzenegger went undercover on Hollywood Boulevard dressed up as the Terminator to support his charity ‘After School All-Stars’ and promoting his new movie Terminator Genisys.

After getting a Terminator makeover the movie star was ready to prank his fans..

Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans in Hollywood as the Terminator

Panic at Madame Tussauds Celebrity Wax Museum as the Terminator comes to life…

Arnold has been posing at the Wax Museum scaring the crap out of tourist who where taking a picture with the apparent Terminator statue.

Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans in Hollywood When the unsuspecting victims were standing next to him ready for the snap, Arnold would suddenly move or say something. LOL

Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Gif Everyone jumped away as the ‘statue’ started to move. However, after that first moment of fear tourist were more than happy to take a picture with the one and only Terminator.

One lady said: “OMG he looks real”.“Because I am” said Arnold while she jumped away terrified.

Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans as the Terminator

Faced covered of cyborg makeup, Arnold took the prank to the streets full of unsuspecting fans leaving everyone open-mouthed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans

He then interacted with the tourists taking some selfies with his selfie stick…

Arnold Selfie Stick

The Terminator even did sunglasses shopping….

Arnold Schwarzenegger glasses Though, very hilarious the moment when Arnold met the Terminator look-alike taking pictures with some fans on the street…


Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike

Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike Gif

Such a great prank realized for an even greater cause! We love you Arnie!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Enter to Win

P.S. Have you noticed when Arnold pointed at Justin Bieber statue and said: Who’s this girl..? Does anyone know?!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Justin Bieber Who is this Girl

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