Birthday Sex Throwup Prank by MysticGotJokes


by Raging Bull, BP EDITORIAL

September 1, 2016, 11:10 am UTC

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The hilarious ‘Birthday Sex Throwup Prank’ created by MysticGotJokes.

Bella decided to get some revenge on all the pranks her boyfriend has been pulling on her.

She choose MysticGotJokes birthday to realize the prank…

So the girl set up a hidden camera and when MysticGotJokes got home she made him believe they were going to have some birthday sex. Before the prank took place Bella had prepared some oatmeal that looked exactly like puke.
Birthday Sex Throwup Prank by MysticGotJokes At this time, Bella put some of the fake puke into her mouth and during the foreplay she thrown it up on him! LOL He was very disgusted by that… and got really mad too!
Birthday Sex Throwup Prank

Birthday pranks are better then gifts sometimes..

Birthday Sex Bella eventually told him it was a joke, but the guy still looked upset. Very funny! And when she said “it’s just oatmeal, eat it…! ” it was so hilarious… LMAO

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