10 Funny Easy DIY Pranks Ideas To Play On Your Friends

by Jello Mellow, BP EDITORIAL

September 11, 2016, 8:54 am UTC

Check our list of amazing DIY pranks ideas to play on your friends. So easy, so darn funny!

If you are looking for an easy prank to play on your friends, roommate, co-worker, partner or family members, this is the right list for you. We have selected some of our favourites and easiest pranks that will drive your victims crazy…and you will have so much fun!

Scroll down and find the perfect one for you!

1. Toothpaste Oreos Prank

Toothpaste Oreos Prank Via Google

This is probably the easiest and most hilarious one!

Just scrape the cream out of the cookies and replace it with some minty toothpaste. Place the Oreos back in the pack and wait for your victim to eat them while you can enjoy eating the real filling! LOL

2. Air horn chair

Air horn chair Via Imgur

Attach an air horn at your victim’s chair with some duct tape and just wait for you friend to sit down…and then literally JUMP IN THE AIR!


3. Tasty Mayo Donuts

Tasty Mayo Donuts
Via Buzzfeed

Fill some plain donuts with mayo and put them back in the box.

They are great to bring to the office; your co-workers will love some donuts in the morning… before eating them though.


4. Soy Sauce Diet Coke

Soy Sauce Diet Coke Via Google

Apparently when you mix Sprite with some soy sauce it looks exactly like diet coke. Empty a bottle of Diet Coke, fill it with Sprite and pour enough soy sauce in the bottle to make the same colour as the Coke, put the bottle back in the fridge and wait for your victim.


5. Air horn wall protector

Air horn wall protector Via Reddit

Another funny air horn prank idea. This one is perfect to give someone a special wake up in the morning.


6. Nail Polish Spill Prank

Nail Polish Spill Prank Via Lanie Buck

This fake nail polish spill looks so incredibly real.

You will need some craft glue, an empty bottle of nail polish and acrylic paint. Mix the glue and the paint in the little bottle, pour a little out to create the drop and let it dry on a piece of plastic wrap.
Your victim will be mad at you!


7. Post-it notes Car

Post-it notes Car
Via Reddit

This is truly EPIC. You’ll need lots of Post-it and maybe a few helpers. Your friend’s reaction will make your day.


8. Nail Polish No Lather Soap Prank

Nail Polish No Lather Soap Prank
Via Instructables

You will be able to prank all the people in your house with one super easy prank. Paint a soap bar with clear nail polish and leave it in the bathroom. So evil!


9. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Ice Cream

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Ice Cream Via Buzzfeed

You can definitely serve this ice cream as a refreshing after dinner “dessert”. We are sure your victims will love it…LOL

Just make some mashed potatoes, put them in a sundae glass and pour over some lumpy gravy. Don’t forget to add sprinkles; they will make it look so real.


10. Cling Film Toilet Prank

Cling Film Toilet Prank
Via YouTube

This is a classic and probably our favourite. If you manage to film the reaction on camera like in this funny cling wrap toilet prank video you get hundred bonus points.

If you have a cool and funny idea writ it in comments. We’d love to know them! And let us also know if you make any of this pranks!